Diary goats updates

Diary goats updates

Diary goats updates

 The goat loan project presents an opportunity for widows to learn about dairy goat keeping and apply this newly acquired knowledge by caring for a 50% crossbreed female dairy goat until the offspring(s) of its first lactation is/are weaned. At that point, she will have to return the kid(s) to LTHT and the female goat will become sole property of the widow. The LTHT Project Manager, following the selection criteria established for assigning the goats, will determine who the next widow to receive a female goat is. If the kid is a male, it will be hosted at the collection pen until a buyer is found. With the proceeds of these sales, LTHT will acquire new 50% crossbreed females for the program.

The initial scope of this project involves widows residing in the three villages of Kakiizi, Nyamuhani and Migorora in Ruhanga Parish. 

This week, Os the Livelihood Program Manager completed the visits for the widows and it seems 3 of the 50% females might be pregnant! We are excited about the potential new additions.

Here is how some of the participants are getting on;

Diary Goat

Maria, one of our buck-keepers has opted for a semi intensive approach for her goats. She takes them with her when she’s working on her farm and brings them back in when she’s finished. They look extremely healthy and it seems the female may be pregnant… Well done, Maria!! 

diary goat

Lydia, another buck keeper, keeps her goats zero grazing. The male may need extra feeding but the female is doing great… she may be pregnant too!

Jovannis, our third buck keeper, called the Program Manager because her buck wasn’t eating as usual. It seems it got ticks so Os sprayed it and reminded her she needs to spray both her goats every 2-3 weeks. 

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