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Diary goats updates
29th February 2020

Diary goats updates

 The goat loan project presents an opportunity for widows to learn about dairy goat keeping and apply this newly acquired knowledge by caring for a 50% crossbreed female dairy goat until the offspring(s) of its first lactation is/are weaned. At that point, she will have to return the kid(s) to LTHT and the female goat …

Goat loan and Cross Breed  Dairy goat program
23rd February 2020

Goat loan and Cross Breed Dairy goat program

Introduction LTHT seeks to establish types of interventions that improve the livelihoods of girls and women from rural villages in Itojo Sub-County, where Ruhanga parish is located and this programme is part of that broader strategy. Working in collaboration with the NGO Joy Goat Development, we will introduce a new breed of dairy goats into ...

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