Water project



In order to bring clean water to the peri-urban areas of Ntungamo municipality, we have teamed up with the National Water and Sewerage Company of Uganda. The NWSC is a government parastatal responsible for the water supply and sewerage services in various large towns in Uganda and is the sole authorized provider of clean potable water services to the area.

This is possibly one of our most exciting initiatives. Access to clean water is a big deal and that NWSC agreed to work with us is doubly exciting.

The reason why this is a big a deal is that, in an African setting, the task of fetching water is left to women and girls and often this water is not safe to drink. This means that it must be boiled in a pan on an open fire. The task of finding firewood and boiling the water is also left to women and girls.

Given the fact that women and girls travel long distances to collect the water as well as all the domestic work they are responsible for, this step is often left out. As a result, several households risk contracting water-borne diseases since the water they have access to is shared with animals. Therefore access to clean piped water near to homesteads saves women and girls time to focus on income generating activities and or school. It also reduces the incidences of water-borne diseases.

We signed an MOU in which we agreed to pay fees for 1700 connections in 17 villages in the municipality. This work is currently underway. I had the opportunity to visit some of the residents that benefited from this scheme.

In some of the homesteads, we learned that access to piped water has meant that, women and children no longer have to fetch water for animals and people.

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